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  Knights’ CC runners continue to impress  
  by Kris Beuckens

WCA’s Cross Country runners competed twice last week in two very different events. They opened with a very fun, small race at Fischer Family Farms near Frazee and then moved on to the largest cross country meet in the nation in Milaca.

The Frazee race has the competitors run through a dilapidated barn and a river and provides several other obstacles as well. “It’s a fun meet for our kids at this time of the season,” said WCA Coach John VanKempen.

In their respective races, Ella VanKempen and Teagan Nelson finished in fourth and fifth places; Jacob Bright, Tim Ruud and Jonathon Johnsrud placed 18th, 30th and 34th; Abby VanKempen and Hannah Frisch placed eighth and ninth; Austin Clavin, Chase Veldhouse and Matt Poyzer placed 27th, 35th and 58th; and Steph Toms and Isabell Jennen were 32nd and 34th.

The varsity boys did not compete in Frazee.

Saturday, the Milaca Mega Meet has 6000 runners from 150 teams divided into separate races by grade. The WCA boys’ varsity had another excellent showing against some very tough competition.

“Our boys could have raced in the small school division but opted to move up a division to face some better teams including six of the state’s top 10 ranked teams,” said VanKempen. “The guys finished in sixth place of the 40 teams behind five of the ranked teams but also ahead of one of the ranked teams!”

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