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  Use this newspaper to get the word out
  by C. A. RAY, Editor

At a recent meeting I attended, an official reported on a program he was trying to get started for children. He said he was somewhat frustrated because he was having trouble getting “the word out.” He said he had tried social media and word of mouth, but was not getting the response he wanted.

All this while a reporter for his local paper sat five feet away. Following the meeting I told him I would be happy to write a story about the program. He was pleased and wondered why he didn’t think of his local paper before.

So did I, and realized we have a communication problem. Despite the flash and dazzle of Facebook, Twitter, or what have you, the Grant County Herald is still the best way to get the word out about an event, fundraiser, educational program, or anything you want people to know about. Especially now with our expanded coverage including Hoffman, Kensington, Herman, and Norcross, the Grant County Herald should be your first choice when you want to publicize something.

I understand young people love social media, but social media is not the news, it is not fact-checked, proofread, written by a professional, and far too often, not accurate. Social media is great for gossip, not the news!

Some may say that publishing an event in the newspaper costs too much money. But in most cases, a paid ad is just part of a good publicity campaign. We will run stories and photos of your event if you just let us know about them.

And that really is the key. The Grant County Herald can only report on what we know about, and very often we rely on you, our readers, to let us know. Don’t be afraid to call with a news tip or interesting story idea. More often than not, we will gladly write and publish a story, or photo, because we find it interesting too and think our readers will as well.

Community newspapers are thriving in rural America because of the connection we have with our readers. But that connection is a two-way street. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are a flash in the pan. Here today and replaced tomorrow with whatever is shiny and new.

This newspaper has been around 138 years, reporting on births, deaths, marriages, school sports, county boards, city councils, people with interesting hobbies, or careers...you know...the news! We are the ORIGINAL social media - and still the most reliable!

We aren’t going anywhere, use us to get the word out!

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