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  Danger in thinking we can make our own rules

To the Editor,
The ignorance of college students regarding basic American History facts (available for your viewing pleasure on You Tube)—e.g., the winner/loser of the Civil War, the country from which we won our independence, can be easily remedied (a Junior High History Textbook should do the trick). For students at the University of Washington, the problem is a bit more complicated.

Scott McKay from reports: “The Family Policy Institute of Washington sent one of its people to the University of Washington to do man/woman-on-the-street interviews to ask students there if they’d object should the 5-foot-9 white-guy interviewer claimed he was (1) a woman, (2) Chinese, (3) seven years old and (4) 6-foot-5. And he couldn’t find any students who’d be willing to say “No, you are none of those things.” They all came back with “sure, be what you want.” This came after they unanimously said it was fine for people to use whatever bathrooms and locker rooms they wanted. Even the women thought it was fine.

America faces many serious problems (economy, terror threats, health care issues, just to name a few), but I would venture to say that our greatest danger lies in the notion that we can make up our own rules and standards, define our own view of reality, and assert that the only absolute is the right to insist there are no absolutes to stand in the way of making truth a do-it-yourself project. The current example is the trans-gender bathroom issue. As one writer put it, the difference between men and women is in their genes, not the jeans they choose to wear. Feeling like a woman does not make me a woman, regardless of how strong the feelings may be.

The book of Judges tells the story of Israel when “every man did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 17:6 KJV). It was not a pleasant time, not a time that any person would want to return to. Yet in the 21st century this attitude is growing in dominance over Europe (once known as Christendom) and gaining traction here in the United States. This is a trend which should alarm us all. “Do-it-yourself truth” is a recipe for disaster.

  Pastor David Wallin, Kensington, MN
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