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  Ashby winery applies for state permit  
  Eagleview features four cold varieties of cold climate grapes.

Linda Moerke, co-owner of Eagleview Winery, Ashby, requested a letter from the Grant County Commissioners last Tuesday that will help them get their state farm winery permit.

Moerke and husband, Shannon Moerke, established a grape vineyard on three acres of their property just north of Pomme de Terre Lake in 2007. They raise four varietes of grapes developed by the University of Minnesota for cold climates. They have been selling grapes commercially for the past four years, and one of their varieties is featured in a wine from Kimball that won the 2013 Cold Climate Grape Competition Governor’s Cup.

Moerke said that Eagleview Winery has completed and received their federal farm winery permit, but needs clearance from the county that they are not violating any zoning issues or other concerns before getting their state permit.

“I have checked with the local land management department and did not find any issues,” Moerke said, in requesting such a letter from the board. “If there are any issues or concerns, we would like the opportunity to take care of them as we are very excited to have this business prosper.”

Moerke said she and her husband hoped to start making wine from their grapes this fall, but due to a difficult winter, they will be producing apple wine, mead, and hopefully a wine from their Brianna grapes which they harvested last year.

“This will give us a start for our first season though we are hopeful for a better grape production year in 2015.”

Moerke said in the future Eagleview Winery hopes to set up a pavilion to hold events such as wedding dances, family gatherings, and a tasting room. They will start with being open Saturdays and Sundays for tastings and to sell bottles of wine.

“We may eventually want to be open more days of the week if sales and work allow.”

She said Eagleview hopes to expand and include a microbrewery for craft beers.

The commissioners agreed to sign a letter stating that Eagleview is up and in operation and they have no land use issues with the winery.
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