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  Herman has a new bar and grill
  ‘The Broken Paddle’ to open in early july
  Jason Cory and Loran Coppin

People in Herman are pretty excited to see an “Opening in July” sign on the long-closed bar and grill downtown. For two years, the bar was closed as people speculated if it would ever open again. Then a group of investors started selling shares in Herman Community Properties LLC (HCP) in the hope of purchasing the business and leasing it to someone experienced in operating a bar and grill.

On May 31, HCP with 73 investors and 12 donors, was able to purchase the bar. Now all they needed was someone to lease it.

Then along came Jason Cory and Loran Coppin!

“We heard about this beautiful bar in Herman that had been closed for two years,” Cory said. “So we came down to take a look. It was perfect for us. In great shape, just needed a cleaning and we want to set up the kitchen for a better flow.”

Cory, who owns a bar in Mooreton, ND, population 186, had been looking at purchasing a bar in Breckenridge, his hometown. Coppin is from Campbell, MN.

“I was looking for something in a slightly bigger town than Mooreton,” recalled Cory.

Before signing a lease agreement with HCP, however, the couple visited the Herman bar on a Sunday and just sat and watched traffic.

“It was amazing how much traffic comes through this intersection,” he said. “And motorcycles too.”

They decided to name the bar “The Broken Paddle,” and will decorate it with canoes and... a broken paddle... kind of a joke on the fact that Herman is about as far from canoe country as you can get in Minnesota.

The couple are also impressed with the people of Herman, many of who stop in to help clean, or offer encouragement. They love their business being next door to the big new Herman Community Center and say they have found Herman is a “Can Do,” town.

“The community group (HCP and Herman Development Authority) really keep things going.”

The couple have purchased a house in town and Cory is looking to sell his bar in Mooreton so he can devote himself full time to The Broken Paddle.

There is another sign on the outside of the building saying they are looking to hire help.

“We are looking for staff right now,” said Coppin. “We need bartenders, servers, kitchen help, even dishwashers.”

While they plan to open in early July, the couple must wait for the state to issue them their liquor license.

The Broken Paddle will have a full bar, and serve burgers and wraps from their grill, with specials during the week. On weekends, they plan to serve steak options with a full salad bar.

“We want to hit the ground running.”

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