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  Ciara Rose Drexler releases EP  
  Ciara Rose Drexler

Ciara Rose Drexler made a name for herself in the fall of 2011 when her self-penned “Civilian Song” video was aired on several Minnesota television stations as a tribute to the troops.

“Someone who was being deployed asked me to send him a song of mine, so I wrote “Civilian Song,” and sent it to him,” she said.

The song is a thank you to military members who sacrifice so much to protect us, and features an infectious sing-a-long chorus that goes:

“So we will stand up, everybody say it louder, everybody say it prouder, God bless the USA.
“And we will stand up, everybody say it louder, everybody say it prouder, I love the USA.”

Ciara Rose was born in San Diego, California and grew up with kids who had family members in the military. She was visiting one of these friends in Minnesota when she met David Drexler of Wendell. The couple married eight years ago, and David teaches at West Central Area Secondary School.

Ciara has been writing songs only since 2010, but, based on the strength of “Civilian Song,” she procured a record producer and her debut EP, a five song set, called “Beautiful You,” was released October 15. The music was recorded in Los Angeles by producer Warren Huart. All songs are written by Ciara Rose, who calls her music “a blend of pop, jazz and country, but all Americana.”

“I play a little guitar but the songs just come into my head and I record them on my iPhone.”

Ciara said Huart seemed to know what she was after and able to provide the perfect instrumentation for each song.

“I write every day and hope to pursue music as a career pretty strongly. There is no clear path, but I am blessed to be able to do what I love.”

Ciara also loves teaching and is an online K-5th grade teacher at iQ Academy of Fergus Falls. The title song of her EP, “Beautiful You” has a message about inner beauty and combines her two loves of teaching and music. She is in the planning stages of a fundraising campaign to make a video of “Beautiful You,” through

“My mom was a singer but never pursued it and my dad also sang and played, but mostly in a church setting, which is where I got my experience.”

Ciara hopes to do some touring in the future and more recording along with making more videos. Meanwhile, check out “Civilian Song” on YouTube at:

“Beautiful You” is available for download at iTunes or You can also listen to the EP for free on Spotify, order the EP at, and you can follow Ciara at her Ciara Rose Facebook page.

An online review at iTunes, for “Beautiful You” perhaps says it best:

“This may be the best $4 you’ll ever spend on music. This is catchy, uplifting music that has quality written all over it. For the price of a Happy Meal, you can feast on this album and be fed and satisfied over and over again.”
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